Jack Amoroso
Startling in simplicity, stunning in intensity, the work of Jack Amoroso expresses an exuberance for life. . . a joyful enthusiasm in vision and color . . . a delicate yet bold Edenic delight in the world around him.  It reflects the soul of a man who truly embodies the notion "free spirit."

As in the creations of Blake and Amoroso's mentor, Picasso, the seeming innocence that emanates from all of Amoroso's work conceals a far deeper perception - an exquisite appreciation of those senses which for most of the rest of us have somehow been dulled or remain unrefined. Each painting is a masterpiece of captured moment - an ecstatic play of color fixed imperceptibly by a miracle of brush and pigment.

Acknowledged as a major artists throughout the world, Amoroso is listed in the Who's Who in American Art, the Library of Congress, the Dictionary of International Biography, World Edition of International Register of Profiles, and Men of Achievement.  Amoroso has exhibited extensively at both art shows and museums.  Among them are the New York World's Fair where he took Best Overall in1964, the Rockefeller Center Showcase Exhibit, the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, the Higbee Gallery of Fine Arts in Cleveland, Ohio, the Lord and Taylor Gallery of Fine Arts in New York, and the Playhouse Gallery in Miami.  

With collections celebrated around the globe, Amoroso's admirers have included Victor Boirge, Tennessee Williams, Chico Marx, and Talula Bankhead.
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Jack Amoroso in his studio in Coconut Grove, FL.
Round Top, Texas
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