Keith Clayton
Keith Clayton works in glass in the historical method of pate de verre.  Pate de verre translates to past of glass.  The glass is first crushed into fine particles and mixed with water and a binder.  This forms a pste which is ready to go into molds.  Each vessel is cast in two halves, each having its own mold.  The glass paste is trowled into each mold and fired in a computer controlled oven.  The oven is taken to a temperature where the glass fuses yet still allows the fine particles to keep their granular appearance.  They are then cleaned and placed in an electroforming bath where copper is applied to the edges.  The electroforming allows for the appearance of a very delicate edge with the addition of structrual integrity.  Arfter each seperate peice is plated the halves are matched and joined together.  The vessel is then placed back in the electroplating bath where the joints are plated completing the bond using actual metal.  Once this is complete, the bowl is cleaned, the metal is polished or patined and sealed.
Round Top, Texas
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