Mirka Hokkanen
Round Top, Texas
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Daisy Duck
16 x 29
Huey, Dewey and Louie
16 x 20
Rogue Squirrel
10 x 10
The Rainy Day
11 x 14
24 x 18
Wagtail with Berries
Wood Engraving
8" x 8"
Polythemus Moth II
2 color hand wood engraving
3.5" x 3.5"
Plythemus Moth
3.5" x 3.5"
Wood Engraving
Warm Winter Bird
Wood Engraving and Watercolor
$39 unframed
Mr. Minty Fresh
2 color reduction linocut
7 x 10.25
Quiet Winter
Wood Engraving
$125 Framed
Mr. Carpsey
Wood Engraving on Maple
Morning Bath at Gabbard Park (Blue)
Limited Edition Etching
I LIke Big Buckles and I Cannot Lie, 
Limited Edition Wood Engraving
Siili II
3 color reduction limited edition wood engraving
Animal Pyramid
4 framed pieces
$525 framed
$250 unframed
Animal Pyramid Racoon 
Animal Pyramid squirrel (Detail)
Animal Play Pyramid Mouse (Detail)
Bees in Bluebells
Limited Edition Wood Engraving
Your Trash, Their Treasure
Limited Edition Reduction Linocut
$180 Framed
The Bather 
Limited Edition Reduction Wood Engraving
Buy One Dog, Get One Flea
Limited Edition Etching, Watercolor
3.5" x 3" printed size
Limited Edition Wood Engraving
5 x 3 Print image
Endangered Animals: Ardenner Chicken
LImited Edition Soft Ground Etching
7" x 9" Print image
Limited Edition Wood Engraving
Limited Edition Etching, Chine Colle
6 x 8
LImited Edition Linocut
7 x 6 Print Image
Pony for Christmas
Limited Edition Wood Engraving
3" x 4" print image
To His Dog, Every Man Is Napoleon
Limited Edition Etching, Watercolor
4" x 4" Print Image
Saddleback Cross Deluxe
Limited Edition Etching, Chine Cole
Moonlight Gardners
Limited edition reduction linocut
British Ass on Finish Ash
4" x 3.5"
Limited Edition Wood Engraving
Limited Edition 2 color Wood Engraving
4" x 8"
Pegasus Navigating Through the Storms of Life
Limited Edition Wood Engraving
Cowboys and Indians
Limited Edition Wood Engraving
Winter Wren
Limited Edition Linocut
Dive Bomber
Limited Edition Etching & watercolor
Northern Saw-Whet Owl
Limited Edition Wood Engraving and Watercolor
Mirka Hokkanen was born in 1979 in Finland.  Her favorite things growing up were found in the woods and in her grandmother's house which both continue to be a source of inspiration for her art.

Mirka moved the the U.S. in 1998 to attend Rockford College in Illinois (BFA 2002).  She received both Master of Arts (2004) and Master of Fine Arts (2006) degrees in printmaking from the University of Dallas, TX.

About the Work:

Carving and printing linocuts and wood engravings takes time and patience.  When I started in my printmaking class, I knew it was what I was supposed to do.  No matter how many obstacles I face while completing an edition, at the end of a studio day, I could not be happier.

I start by transferring my drawing onto a piece of linoleum or wood block.  I often finish the drawing with pencil shading directly on the block before reaching for my tools and carving in a wood or linoleum relief print, the uncut surface of the block will print the ink.  So I take my time and carve away all the white areas of the print.  This can usually take anywhere from one day to weeks depending on the size and detail of the image.

Once the block is ready to print, I measure it and tear large sheets of paper to smaller sizes leaving enough room to leave a nice white border around the print.

The block is then placed on a press, and ink mixed up.  Lots of measuring and adjusting takes place for the print and the paper to line up.  If color is used, often several proofs need to be pulled test for the right shade.

When everything is set, I hand ink each print separately before they are printed on the press.  The prints are then laid on a rack to dry for several days.  If successive colors are printed, a new block needs to be carved for each color.

Afte the ink is dry, I inspect each print for quality and the prints that are accepted into an edition are then titled, numbered and signed.  Each print is truly a labor of love.