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Round Top, Texas
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Proudly presenting artwork by the following artists:
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Jack Amoroso - Conte
Suzie Baker - Oil 
Kathie Boehnemann - Oil
Greg Budwine - Acrylic
Anita Canon - Watercolor​
Linda Dellandre - Pastel and Oil
Kaye Franklin - Oil
Gordon Fowler - Oil
Hailey Herrera - Watercolor
Rick Hodgins - Oil
Mirka Hokkanen - Acrylic and Watercolor
Eric Jacobsen - Oil
Caroline Jasper - Oil
Robert A. Johnson - Oil
Margaret Katsampes - Oil
Jim Keffer - Acrylic
Sonja A. Kever - Pastel, Oil
Rita Kirkman - Pastel
Les McDonald - Watercolor
Elaine Monnig - Oil and Pastel
Ken Muenzenmayer - Acrylic
Beth Nash - Acrylic
Patty Pendergast - Acrylic
Karen Petrovich- Pastel, Oil
John Pinkerton - Acrylic
MV Poffenberger - Ink and Watermedia
Andrea Pramuk - Alcohol Inks
Marion Quick - Watercolor
Lisa Reed - Oil and Cold Wax
Bob Rohm - Oil and Pastel
AJ Schexnayder - Watercolor
Mary Scott - Acrylic Oil
David Sites - Oil Enamel
Ellie Taylor - Oil
Cecy Turner - Oil
Doris Vasek - Oil and Cold Wax
Karen Vernon - Watercolor, Oil, Pastel, Acrylic
Enid Wood - Pastel
Letitia Alston - Red Leaf Pottery
Marie Blazek 
David Carter *
Jan Knight*
Lisa Long *
Paul Uhl*

Mary Lou Marks - Sculpted Fiber
Doris Vasek - Scarves
Karen Vernon - Scarves & Fashion Accessories
Scraps of the Past

Luke Adams
Keith Clayton
Earl James **
Linda Zmina**

Bell Collection by Jewelry John *
Dani Barbe
Leslie Francesca
​Susie Hettleman
Natalie Higgins
Christy Mims
Sierra Winter
The Bell Collection by Jewelry John*
Tina Broussard*
Jerry Jackson*
Jay Schaan

Metal Fantasies Wind Chimes
Soaps and Lotions*
Twisted Beeswax Candles
Bernard Mendoza

Mirka Hokkanen
Debbie Little Wilson

Tina Broussard*
Jammey Huggins
MV Poffenberger
Jay Schaan
Steve Worthington*

Bole and Buck*
Jim Keffer
Sylvio Menendez, Wild Timber Designs*

*Original art gifts available under $100
**Original art gifts available under $200
Jack Amoroso
Suzie Baker
Kathy Boehnemann
Greg Budwine
Anita Canon
Linda Dellandre
Gordon Fowler
Kaye Franklin
Rick Hodgins
Eric Jacobsen
Caroline Jasper
Robert A. Johnson
Sonja A. Kever
Rita Kirkman
Les McDonald
Elaine Monnig
Ken Muenzenmayer
Beth Nash
Patty Pendergast
John Pinkerton
MV Poffenberger
Andrea Pramuk
Marion Quick
Lisa Reed
AJ Schexnayder
Mary Scott
David Sites
Ellie Taylor
Cecy Turner
Doris Vasek
Letitia Alston - Red Leaf Pottery
Marie Blazek
David Carter
David Carter
Jan Knight
Lisa Long
Pau Uhl
Mary Lou Marks
The Bell Collection
Dani Barbe
Leslie Frencesca
Susie Hettleman
Natalie Higgins
Christy Mims
Sierra Winter
The Bell Collection
Tina Broussard
Jerry Jackson
Jay Schaan
Jay Schaan
Handpainted trays and coasters
Metal Fantasies Wind Chime by Jay Schaan
Soaps may be ordered online or by calling 979 249 4119.
Bernard Mendoza
Mirka Hokkanen
Debbie Little Wilson
Tina Broussard
Jammey Huggins
MV Poffenberger
MV Poffenberger
Jay Schaan
Steve Worthington
Bole and Buck
Jim Keffer
Sylvio Menendez
Luke Adams