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Miguel Dominguez, watercolors by Miguel dominguez, landscape paintings Texas Artists, California Artists, 
Miguel Dominguez, watercolors by Miguel dominguez, landscape paintings Texas Artists, California Artists, 
Miguel Dominguez, watercolors by Miguel dominguez, landscape paintings Texas Artists, California Artists, 
Art can be the least costly part of your decorating budget. If you are to add up the cost of your furniture, window coverings, rugs or carpet, wall paper and other furnishings, you will find that framed art is a small purchase in comparison to upholstery, window treatments, and floor coverings.  

Actually, there is more square footage of wall space than anything else in you home. If you took your walls and laid them down on the ground, there would be twice the space as you have on the floor. Even if you allow for windows and doors, you will find that your wall space is your greatest space to offer your personality and taste.

On the average, most homes offer space for 30 to 50 pieces of artwork, including mirrors and family pictures. Knowing that, how would you describe you style?

Classical/FormalTraditional – Luxurious, Proper, Elegant? This style offers a sense o history and permanence. The style tends to e more formal than not.

Casual Traditional – Comfortable, Practical, Timeless? The Casual Traditional style is comfortable, simple and incorporates elements of the more formal Classical Traditional style. This style easily incorporates inherited pieces alongside pieces collected by the owner.

Natural/Earthy Sophisticated – Stylishly Sophisticated Upscale Comfort? Incorporating the aspects of the traditional styles, this design focus uses natural elements such as stone and woods to add a comfortable earth element to the design.

Country Casual – English, American, Swedish? The look is casual and comfortable, featuring natural elements, overstuffed chairs and soft edges. Colors range from natural to soft pastels.

Modern – Edgy, Upbeat? The Modern Style is also referred to as Contemporary design. The focus is that of clean, simple lines with bold blocks of color. This style will change more often along with the design and color trends.

Craftsman Lodge – Rustic, Rugged? This style represents such artisans as Stickley and architectural elements reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright. Craftsman Lodge is appealing to outdoors lovers. It is a truly comfortable style and incorporates interesting natural elements.

Classic Modern – Minimal, Simple, Carefree? The emphasis of this style is on simplicity, natural colors and very minimal accessory application. It offers a sophisticated look. People who lean toward this style are usually professionals with busy lives and are seeking solace and a lack of clutter and distraction in their homes.

Eclectic – Interesting, Stimulating, Creative? Most of us fall into this design style. We enjoy incorporating several design styles and often several cultural elements. It highly reflects the creative interests of the home owner.

What Is Your Color Scheme?
Elegant Color
Warm Color
Fun Color
Soothing Color
Dramatic Color
Neutral Color

Look at your space and describe each room based on the following formula:
Dominant Color – 40% -50%, Usually wall or floor color
Secondary Color – 30% - 40%, Usually furniture and upholstered color
Accent Color – 20% - 25%, Art and accessories

Keep you scheme simple and consistent. Create different moods from room to room by interchanging the dominant color and the secondary color. Also, use different shades of color from room to room. If color flows, furnishings can flow as you add items.  

Using Art to Determine Color Schemes and Style

When you start collecting, you will be amazed at how you are attracted to images that are related in color and style. I have seen this over and over when placing artwork in homes and offices. Often the collector is unaware of their personal responses, yet consistently is drawn to specific colors, not only in their artwork but in their upholstery and other decorative elements.  

Be aware that different images and styles can work together. For strong, clear design statements, link the artwork with color. When you need design inspirations, start with art.
We display art because it expresses our unique style and personality and is truly the glue that pulls a room together. It puts your unique personal stamp on your interior space!
Bernard Mendoza photograph, a warm neutral, perfect for a home or office offering an intellectual and classically traditional touch to a room.    
Left: Artwork by David Sites offering a soothing play of complimentary colors in a contemporary manner.  Look at the fabulous use of the upcoming Fall 2016 colors, Spicy Mustard, Bodacious, and Sharkskin.