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2 Great Workshops - 2018

Eric Jacobsen Painting Workshop - February 
Robert Johnson and Rick Hodgins Still Life and Portrait Workshop - April

Robert Johnson and Rick Hodgins Still Life and Portrait Workshop - April

Painting with 2 Masters - Robert Johnson & Rick Hodgins
Be a part of this unique experience.  Study with 2 great artists in 4 days.  Learn still life and portrait painting.  Demos by both intructors.

Instructors - Robert Johnson & Rick Hodgins
Oil Painting Workshop

4 day, Tuesday - Friday, April 23rd - 26th, 2018
9:30 AM - 4 PM
Intermediate to Advanced - This class is designed to advance you from ordinary to extraordinary.
From the intermediate to the most advanced, you will explore and discover the mastery of classical oil painting techniques.  A lesson in portrait painting will be held on the last day of the workshop.

Location - To be determined
First come registration based on date of deposit
$300 non refundable deposit (Pay by check or online)

Phone: 979-249-4119  Email

Sign up for this workshop now!  This is a guaranteed sell out workshop!

"Students are often nervous about what they don't know.  However, not knowing is where the real learning occurs.  Artists educate their powers to see beyond what is normal.  There is much more to developing as an artist than the craft.  The most important aspect is the developed ability to see as an artist.  Becoming an artist opens up a very special relationship to the world, one of structure, symmetry, color harmony, edges, shapes and the sensuality of paint and line.  Art, the magic, the mystery come amidst a new way of seeing and the thrill of discovery within the relationship with your subject."  Rick Hodgins

"One of the great secrets of painting is what a joyful process it can be. It was my salvation; a way to make sense of a chaotic universe and find a deep sense of purpose… Each brush stroke is a unique living record of an artists’ personality – his view of life and beauty on the day the brush touched the canvas. It is unique as a fingerprint."  Robert Johnson

Each day will include short lectures and demonstrations. Then it will be your time to explore.  At this time, the planned schedule is three days of still life and one day of portrait painting.

This will be a fun and inspiring workshop. 

This workshop promises to be full and filled with adventure in one of Texas' true original villages.  At the end of each day we will "wine-dup" and review the day.

-Easel. Table or French easel (Easel light and extension cord)
-Pallet Plastic or paper
-Canvas" Stretched or on board, non-absorbent primed 12" x 16" no larger than 16" x 20"
-Medium:  Maroguer, or sun thickened linseed oil
-Solvent: Gamsol 
-Brushes: Filbert small to large (a variety, sizes 1 - 8), at least 1 small sable (No. 0, 1,or 2), soft large flat sable, badger or mongoose (No. 4 or above) , pallet knife (Small triangular wedge shaped painting knife)
Paper towels and trash bags
Paint: Essential - Naples Yellow Light (Rembrandt), Cadmium Lemon, Cadmium Yellow Pale, Cadmium Red Light, Alizarin Crimson
Yellow Ochre Pale, Cobalt Violet, Indian Yellow (Windsor Newton), Ultramarine Blue, Transparent Red Oxide (Rembrandt), Cobalt Blue, Terra Rosa, Viridian (Holbein), Ivory Black, White (Gamblin, Williamsburg or Utrecht White or any blend of Zinc White and Titanium White)

Optional Colors - Burnt Sienna Deep (Substitute for Transparent Oxide Red by Rembrandt), Burnt Sienna Deep (substitute for Transparent Oxide Red), Cadmium Scarlet (Substitute for Cadmium Red Light), Mauve- Blue Shade (Windsor Newton), Raw Sienna, Cerulean Blue or Manganese Blue, Cinnabar green, Brilliant Rose (Old Holland), Permanent Rose or Rembrandt Rose, Cadmium Orange, Transparent Yellow Oxide

Attitude:  Humility, honesty and a capacity to be completely absorbed in seeing and painting without concern for the opinions of others.

Optional Equipment:  Painting scraper, eye shade (baseball cap or visor)

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Workshops with Karen Vernon
Oil, Water Mixable Oils, Watercolor, and Pastel - Choose your medium
Mondays - 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
​All levels - Beginners to Intermediate
Click here to register online.
Or email Karen or call 979-249-4119
A supply list will be sent to you upon your registration.

Two Day Watercolor Workshop - Santa Fe, NM
August 4 & 5, 2017
Artisan Art Supply - Santa Fe, NM'

Watercolor Workshop - Waco, Texas
October 31 - November 3, 2017

Three Watercolor Workshops - Raleigh, NC
Art of the Carolinas
November 10 - 13, 2017

Round Top, Texas
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Painting by Robert Johnson
Painting by Robert Johnson
Painting by Rick Hodgins
Eric Jacobsen Painting Workshop
February 23, 24, 25, 2018