A Conversation - Free  - RSVP Required
Second Thursday in each month
5:30  PM - Bring your own beverage of choice and snack

During  our conversations with artists, we find that so many feel starved of good, stimulation conversation that can inspire, where they can sit, open a bottle of wine and share, very much along the lines of the salons that still exist in Europe today.

To answer this void, we are hosting free monthly and informal 'get togethers' where you can meet, talk and enjoy the company of fellow artists.

For more information or reservations call 979-249-4119

Upcoming Workshops

They used to say during the gold rush days 'there's money in them there hills' . Today, with the explosion of potential markets, the saying is more, 'there's money in that there art'.
This is a very powerful seminar that will take you slowly by the hand and introduce you to all sorts of ways to make money from your creative endeavors as we break down those misconceptions and barriers about making money from your art.

This is a must seminar for those potentially successful artists as well as those just starting out who have a fear of selling their work directly to potential clients. It is ideal for those who don't feel their work is strong or good enough, more often than not based on lack of confidence. And for those who just want to be in the studio and will make any excuse not to make that phone call or go visit that gallery, usually out of fear of rejection, stop sharpening that pencil or watering that plant and call and make a reservation for 

THE BUSINESS OF ART - February 1, 2014

Bernard Mendoza
Ken Muenzenmayer
Karen Vernon

Seminar including resource material      $150
Early registration before Jauary 11th      $125

Email or call Karen Vernon for more information and registration

Join us for a fun weekend advancing your photography skills as you learn how to make and not just take photographs. Weekend also includes, among other subjects, how to be visually literate in the language of photography, how to elevate your photography craft into art, the role of intuition and the importance of encounter. We will also spend time critiquing some of your current work.

Cost of workshop $225
Early registration discount before 10th January $200
Register with a friend at $200 each.  

Limited class size so save a place and save $25 by registering early.
Receive an additional Holiday Gift discount for completed registration by December 24th, 2013
For more information or registration email Bernard Mendaoza at 

or call 979 249 5960

Participants reviews from last January's workshop here in Round Top

Your workshop really helped me let go of fears and feel ready to just have fun making my art. AM Fayetteville

The class far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to take photographs that grab the viewer's attention ............. SZ Houston

You did a great job and inspired confidence in all of us. WH Burton

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​  T
Round Top, Texas
$125 Early Registration
$125 Early Registration
  Please email your class reservation when paying with PayPal
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$50 Deposit
$50 Deposit


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